Judal Homes is a privately held real estate investment company established in Tulsa, OK. Informed and positioned, we may be an answer to homeowners facing foreclosure.


Judal Homes offers homeowners a fresh-start at NO COST.


The foreclosure process is perplexing, even for those experienced in real estate. Judal Homes specializes in educating homeowners about foreclosure and assisting real estate professionals with the short sale process.


Judal Homes is a home buyer, specifically buying houses in pre-foreclosure. We buy properties that are in foreclosure and sell properties to unrelated third party end-buyers.


When buying a house, we will work directly with the homeowner and lender on the short sale purchase. We represent our own interest in buying the property and negotiating a discounted payoff of the liens or mortgages.  Once the lender has approved the sales price, the transaction closes and the foreclosure is stopped, the homeowner has moved and Judal Homes prepares the house for sale. 

Our Team.
Judal Homes is operated by a full team of Real Estate experts with well over 35 years of experience in Real Estate. We can handle the marketing, finance, and negotiations of some of the most complicated Real Estate transactions